The Western House Way - Our Values

At Western House we believe that children can achieve personal excellence through the teaching and modelling of core values and skills.
Our 10 values:
These values will drive and shape every aspect of school life, and have taken the place of school ‘rules’.

It’s about more than rules – it’s about making good choices

Children have got to have the ability to make decisions and choices themselves about the best way to behave in a situation. We will not always be there helping them to think it through. That is the key difference in our approach to values instead of rules; rules prescribe a set of appropriate/inappropriate context-specific behaviours (e.g. walk in the corridors), whereas values give a set of aspirational guidelines within which children must choose the right behaviour in any context (e.g. how do I need to move around the school if I am taking responsibility for myself and others?).

Our vision for our children

By embedding our values-based approach to learning, we believe in developing the whole child. What do they need today? What do they need tomorrow? We strive to give children the skills to achieve to their full potential and be successful lifelong learners.

The aims of the school are as follows:

To achieve these aims we work hard to create a community and environment which encourages everyone to:

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