Curriculum - Aim High Details

We are excited to introduce our new page aimed at supporting our More Able students and their families. Children are classified as More Able at Western House if they are consistently completing work at a Mastery level.

To have achieved Mastery in their year group, children will have understood everything they have been taught in a particular subject and be able to apply this learning across the curriculum. This would need to be consistent. Children who achieve mastery will be assessed not only by their class teacher but year group leader.

We will add information, ideas and extra curricular activities to the page to help parents to support and nurture their children's abilities.

We encourage all children to use this page and aim high!

Some Useful Websites
 NRich - Enriching Mathematics
 National Association for More Able Pupils
 Mathematical Challenges for More Able Pupils
 The Thinking Classroom
 More Able and Talented - Wales