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Yeargroup - Year 5 (Weekly Updates - Summer Term 2018)

Year 5 - Weekly Newsletter
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    Yeargroup - Year 5

    Year 5
  • Project Passport - Summer Term 2018
  • Chiltern Open Air Visit
  • Attendance - Gold Star Celebration Letter
  • 'Morning in a World'
  • National Curriculum Overview
  • Y5 Christmas Homework
  • Year 5 Science Museum Letter

    Matilda the Musical
    On Wednesday 16th May the Year 5 children went to London to see Matilda The Musical at the theatre for their childhood promise trip. The play was a fantastic experience and was thoroughly enjoyed by all children, and adults! The young cast were brilliant at acting, singing and dancing! The visual effects were engaging and had all children mesmerised, and at parts on the edge of their seats. As the play finished children were talking about how great it was.

    Crystal, 5 Sheeran - "That was amazing!"

    Dylan and Roshan, 5 Adele - "The lasers and lights were really, really cool!"

    A parent volunteer even described the performance as giving her butterflies in her tummy. From the beginning the children's behaviour was exceptional, in a manner in which they should be very proud. A great afternoon!

    One small step for Year 5
    In our Spring Term, Year 5 has been learning about the genre of recounts in the form of newspapers. They have successfully understood and learnt vocabulary from a good example - an article from 1969 about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing! They have adapted this text to write their own recounts. Some children wrote about our out-of-this-world trip to the Science Museum, while others wrote about their own trips they had been on. I hope you enjoy reading these wonderful articles and are as proud of Year 5 as I am! - Mrs Atkinson.

    Year 5
  • One Giant Leap by Courtney and Lennox

  • Strickly Speaking

    Our Year 5 children participated in the Park Federation Strictly Speaking competition at Cranford Park Academy on Thursday 9th March. The competition was focused on the skill of public speaking. Amreece , Ryad and Kashifa shared their ideas on the topic of ‘What subjects should be taught at school and why?’

    The children’s spectacular idea was that stunts should be taught at school to help all children improve their courage, teamwork and ambition as well as our other Western House Values. The team did an amazing job and made Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Snowden and Mrs Parmley in the audience extremely proud.

    Although we did not achieve the prized first place, our team gained participants medals and we know that their creativity and confidence have paid off to make themselves, staff, parents and all of Year 5 at WHA proud. A huge well done to all!

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    Greek Day
    Year 5’s learning was brought to life with the Ancient Greek Workshop run by Portals to the Past.

    Dan Shadrake, who is a historian as well as an actor with credits in Horrible Histories and many historical films, had the children (and the adults!) totally spellbound as he took us on a journey to Ancient Greece and beyond.

    He told us the story of nations who came before and after Ancient Greece, giving us a better understanding of the journey through time. In the morning, he brought Greek Myths to life including The Myth of the Minotaur which the children have been studying in English.

    After lunch, we began our afternoon with a spectacular demonstration of archery on the school field! Afterwards, he told the story of Alexander the Great and brought a wonderful range of artefacts from shields and helmets to models of the Trojan Horse for the children to handle.

    Finally in the last half an hour of the workshop, many parents came in to see the children playing Greek games and re-enacting the competitions between Athens and Sparta!

    This was not just a wonderful day but a fantastic experience which the children have taken in to their writing and produced fantastic poems on the Greek myths that Dan told us. Super all round!​

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    Year 5
  • Reading Museum Trip (July 2017) - Victorian School Workshope

  • Project Based Learning 'Project Passports!'

    At Western House Academy we use a project based approach to our learning where each half term each year group chooses a topic. This might be a focus on a period in history, a famous person, a geographical location or something similar. It is then the goal to link the children's learning to this topic wherever possible. This means the children have a  focus and their learning can be tailored and themed to suit their current needs for that topic. At the end of the topic the children then celebrate their learning for this topic with a special outcome to parents or other children around the school.

    To support this approach further we are launching 'Project Passports!' At the start of a new topic we will be giving children a 'Project Passport!' activity sheet that contains five mini projects. These projects cover a range of curriculum areas and relate directly to the topic being covered in that half term. The children have the whole half term to choose and complete two out of the five topics and bring them in to school to share. We want the children to really engage with the new topic and encourage them to explore their learning further at home. We want the children to be as creative as possible with these 'Project Passport!' activities and hope to share and display them in school.

    Parental support is most certainly encouraged with the 'Project Passports!' as we want to share the children's learning with those at home and encourage as much excitement and imagination as possible!

    Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement at home.

    Mr. R. Jones
    Vice Principal Years 1, 2 & 3 and Leader of Curriculum.