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September 2017 - July 2018


Yeargroup - Year 4 (Weekly Updates - Autumn Term 2017)

Year 4 - Weekly Newsletter
  • 12th January

  • Yeargroup - Year 4

    Year 4
  • Project Passport - Spring Term 2018

  • Project Based Learning 'Project Passports!'

    At Western House Academy we use a project based approach to our learning where each half term each year group chooses a topic. This might be a focus on a period in history, a famous person, a geographical location or something similar. It is then the goal to link the children's learning to this topic wherever possible. This means the children have a  focus and their learning can be tailored and themed to suit their current needs for that topic. At the end of the topic the children then celebrate their learning for this topic with a special outcome to parents or other children around the school.

    To support this approach further we are launching 'Project Passports!' At the start of a new topic we will be giving children a 'Project Passport!' activity sheet that contains five mini projects. These projects cover a range of curriculum areas and relate directly to the topic being covered in that half term. The children have the whole half term to choose and complete two out of the five topics and bring them in to school to share. We want the children to really engage with the new topic and encourage them to explore their learning further at home. We want the children to be as creative as possible with these 'Project Passport!' activities and hope to share and display them in school.

    Parental support is most certainly encouraged with the 'Project Passports!' as we want to share the children's learning with those at home and encourage as much excitement and imagination as possible!

    Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement at home.

    Mr. R. Jones
    Vice Principal Years 1, 2 & 3 and Leader of Curriculum.


    September 2015 - July 2016

    Yeargroup - Year 4

    Year 4
  • National Curriculum Overview
  • Egyptian Day

  • The Egyptians
    September 2016 - Y4 Turner and Y4 Morris learn all about the Egyptians.

    Egyptian Mummification
    Y4 Turner
    Egyptian Jewellery Making and
     Mummification - Y4 Morris
    Barween's Egyptian Project

    Hampton Court Palace
    On Wednesday 3rd February, Year 4 at Western House Academy took a trip back in time. The coaches were loaded and driven right into 1534AD at Hampton Court Palace. The students explored the kitchen, enjoyed a roaring fire and learned what it took to feed the 600 people that would have been living at court on any given day. They explored the great apartments of King Henry VIII, and saw the last remaining evidence of Anne Boleyn’s influence in the Great Hall. Children walked down the haunted corridor where it is believed that the ghost of Catharine Howard still roams. They were then transported into the 1700’s under the reign of King William I. Lady English, a spy for England, who had only just returned from France, led us through the palace. The children discovered the importance of marriage and connections in establishing power. Our young Kings and Queens were quite dashing in their positions. As the day wound to a close the children bid the palace a fond farewell and returned to 2016, exhausted and happy.


    Our Trip to Burnham Beeches
    In Year 4 on 20th May, we had a fantastic time on our trip to Burnham Beeches! We spent the morning session using our artistic creativity to draw the beautiful plants that make up the scenery of the area, which links with our work in Art and Science. We also saw different stages of the life cycle when we saw a family of ducklings and their mother! We even got to satisfy our sweet tooth at the lovely café at the heart of the conservation area. In the afternoon, we got into role as characters from the legend of Robin Hood, inspired by the nature of the area as if we were really in Sherwood Forest. It was a super day, full of fun and real life experiences in the natural world. Well done to the children for staying positive, focused and full of energy for all their learning.

    Burnham Beeches Trip
    Ripley's Visit
    Verulamium Visit