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Yeargroup - Year 3 (Weekly Updates - Summer Term 2018)

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    Yeargroup - Year 3

    Year 3
  • Project Passport - Summer Term 2018
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) Letter

  • Warner Brothers Studios Trip - April 2018
    The children had a FANTASTIC time at the Warner Bros studios on Monday! The children have begun their new PBL topic on J K Rowling and this trip really bought the Harry Potter books to life. This trip was for our Year 3 childhood promise-what a great treat! The adults were just as excited as the children and were busy taking photos for their own memories. One of the best moments for the children was when the Great Hall doors opened behind the cinema screen. All the Year 3 children received a digital photo of themselves riding a broomstick and got their very own Harry Potter passport. There was a great deal of excitement from the children with them making comments such as 'Best trip ever!', 'I don't want this day to end!' We are now looking forward to seeing some great fantasy story writing inspired by this wonderful trip. .

    Please click on the thumbnail below to look at the photographs.

    River Thames Trip - April 2017

    During the Spring Term the Year 3 classes have been learning about the River Thames as part of their Project Based Learning. The children have been very enthusiastic about the River Thames! To enhance their learning we took a trip to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley on Thames, where the children saw the River Thames in action and practically learnt about the processes of a river.

    "I enjoyed the river walk the most where we saw the River Thames and the water rushing through the lock! I also liked the river gallery where we learnt how water is used around the world and all the different river animals." Safa and Kareena - 3 Land's End

    "I really liked seeing the Olympic rowing boat and finding out interesting facts about the why the shoes were stuck inside. I also liked walking along the river because at one point I could see the river bed." Daniel - 3 Stonehenge

    "The gallery was really exciting because I learnt how water evaporates and where the water goes on its journey." Zainab - 3 Stonehenge

    "Walking along the river was great because I could see a little delta forming in the Thames." Kardell - 3 Ben Nevis

    "I agree with Kardell, but also the gallery where there were interesting facts about Henley and the Thames and there lots of fun activities to do!." Roha - 3 Ben Nevis

    Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about the River Thames in our Project Based Learning activities this term. They learnt about the river itself, the parts of a river, the journey a river takes and the processes of the river - including erosion, transportation and deposition. Year 3 showed their parents their learning by creating a River Exhibit with fun facts about the different parts of a river. They made giant rivers using lots of art materials to re-create the River Thames.

    Y3 River Trip
    Y3 River Trip
    Extreme Earth

    September 2016
    For their home learning over the summer break, the children in Year 3 were asked to research some extreme weather conditions as part of their topic this half term – ‘Extreme Earth!’ The children did a wonderful job! There were many posters and information packs created on various extreme events. A favourite was earthquakes! Some children also created models to show what they had found out about. Hunain in 3Lands End created a very detailed model of a tornado and could confidently explain how one is formed. Check out the picture below!

    The children in Year 3 have made a fantastic start to their learning this year and we can’t wait to see the fantastic outcomes they will produce at the end of their ‘Extreme Earth!’ topic. Keep up the hard work Year 3!

    Dino Diaries
    Please click on the thumbnail below to view our 'Dino Diaries' video.

    Harry Potter Film Studio Trip
    Year 3 travelled to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Watford to see the making of the Harry Potter films for their Childhood Promise Trip. The children were amazed to see all the sets and props used in a range of the Harry Potter films - from the Philosopher's Stone to Privet Drive! They were able to have a go at wand choreography and try to move broomsticks with a simple command. The day finished with seeing the magnificent Hogwarts castle which the children thoroughly enjoyed seeing. A wonderful day had by children and adults!

    "I really enjoyed the huge Hogwarts train! It had all the carriages from the different movies of Harry Potter with props!" Liam, 3 Stonehenge
    "I enjoyed saying 'up' to the broomsticks and seeing the magic at work!" Diya J, 3 Stonehenge
    "The part where we saw the tree branch from the Whomping Willow hit the blue car was my favourite part. It was very fun and exciting!" Thomas, 3 Ben Nevis
    "I really liked the part when the spiders came down from the sky in the Forbidden Forest - it was really exciting." Hmed, 3 Lands End and Kisha, 3 Ben Nevis
    "The big model of the Hogwarts castle was great - I really liked how they made the surface look like water." Roksana, 3 Lands End
    "The wand boxes were great too, especially when the tour guide pointed out Harry Potter's wand." Josh. S 3 Lands's End

    Please click on the thumbnail below to view the Harry Potter photographs..

    Project Based Learning 'Project Passports!'

    At Western House Academy we use a project based approach to our learning where each half term each year group chooses a topic. This might be a focus on a period in history, a famous person, a geographical location or something similar. It is then the goal to link the children's learning to this topic wherever possible. This means the children have a  focus and their learning can be tailored and themed to suit their current needs for that topic. At the end of the topic the children then celebrate their learning for this topic with a special outcome to parents or other children around the school.

    To support this approach further we are launching 'Project Passports!' At the start of a new topic we will be giving children a 'Project Passport!' activity sheet that contains five mini projects. These projects cover a range of curriculum areas and relate directly to the topic being covered in that half term. The children have the whole half term to choose and complete two out of the five topics and bring them in to school to share. We want the children to really engage with the new topic and encourage them to explore their learning further at home. We want the children to be as creative as possible with these 'Project Passport!' activities and hope to share and display them in school.

    Parental support is most certainly encouraged with the 'Project Passports!' as we want to share the children's learning with those at home and encourage as much excitement and imagination as possible!

    Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement at home.

    Mr. R. Jones
    Vice Principal Years 1, 2 & 3 and Leader of Curriculum.

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    Churchill River