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September 2017 - July 2018

Yeargroup - Reception (Weekly Updates - Spring Term 2017)


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  • 12th January

  • Yeargroup - Reception

  • Project Passport - Spring Term 2018
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  • Project Based Learning 'Project Passports!'

    At Western House Academy we use a project based approach to our learning where each half term each year group chooses a topic. This might be a focus on a period in history, a famous person, a geographical location or something similar. It is then the goal to link the children's learning to this topic wherever possible. This means the children have a  focus and their learning can be tailored and themed to suit their current needs for that topic. At the end of the topic the children then celebrate their learning for this topic with a special outcome to parents or other children around the school.

    To support this approach further we are launching 'Project Passports!' At the start of a new topic we will be giving children a 'Project Passport!' activity sheet that contains five mini projects. These projects cover a range of curriculum areas and relate directly to the topic being covered in that half term. The children have the whole half term to choose and complete two out of the five topics and bring them in to school to share. We want the children to really engage with the new topic and encourage them to explore their learning further at home. We want the children to be as creative as possible with these 'Project Passport!' activities and hope to share and display them in school.

    Parental support is most certainly encouraged with the 'Project Passports!' as we want to share the children's learning with those at home and encourage as much excitement and imagination as possible!

    Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement at home.

    Mr. R. Jones
    Vice Principal Years 1, 2 & 3 and Leader of Curriculum.

    Please click on the thumbnails below to see the sets of photographs.

    The Elves and the Shoemaker
    Awesome Arctic

    September 2015 - July 2016

    Yeargroup - Reception

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